Topic: Use of the html in the theme , color, underline and change permalink | codeex.

  • Hi
    I’m using your fantastic theme (the website is and I noticed that :
    1) on the top right, there is the phone number: is it possible to change the coluor and underline it? I tried with html but no change

    2)in the page, on the right there is this paragraph:
    Bassano del Grappa (VI) Largo Parolini, 79|Piano 3 Scala a fianco uffici EniGas Ricevo per appuntamento. Ive tried to put
    after “(VI)” and after “79|” but it doesn’ work. In addiction where can I tranlate “Call Us”?

    3) is it possible to remove the “/property-item/” part (ie foe SEO reason?

    Thank tou in advence!

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