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  • Hi, I’m looking to colour the hover effects of my top sub-menu a specific shade of blue. I’ve set the CSS attributes of the menus in question to blue as described in the documentation.

    I then used

    .theme-menu ul a, .services-blue, .footer-menu ul a, .action-blue, .blog-blue.blist a.learn-more,
    .blog-blue .blog-image, .blog-blue .blog-image-left, .blog-blue .blog-image-grid, .error-blue, .portfolio-blue.portfolio-masonry { background:#001b54 !important; }

    to recolour the main menu to an Oxford blue and

    .theme-menu ul a:hover, .footer-menu ul a:hover, .services-list-two a:hover .services-blue,, .blog-blue.blist a.learn-more:hover, .error-blue:hover { background:#4891dc !important; }

    to make the main menu top buttons a pale blue when hovered over. The submenu hover retains its original theme blue and I need it change it to #4891dc.

    I’ve tried

    .sf-menu ul.sub-menu li a:hover { background: #434E52 !important; color: #FFF !important;


but it doesn’t seem to work. I’d greatly appreciate any help you could provide.


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