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  • Just installed the theme, and I cant get the Box layout for the homepage to work. It shows my portfolio on the bottom. I see that there is a new version of the theme. I had the 2.3.3 version. I will update, and see if it works. But is this a known issue?

    Also the viewall link to the portfolio takes me to the about page.

    Also is there any way to install the theme exactly like the demo? This would make it for novices to work backwards to get the result they want!


    1. your the only one who has this error, can you attach your site link here please..

    2. you need to change it here “Appearance >> Theme Options >> Projects >> Back URL” and select your desire page..

    3. you have the .xml file import it in your dashboard and use it, be sure to change some of the “url” and images used are not included in the download package..

    thanks is the site link.

    Are you saying that if i import the .xml file, the site will look just like the demo minus a few images?


    Yes.. but no images and be sure to change it’s link to your site link. before you do that be sure to do some back up..


    Sorry for all the questions. But I don’t see a place to upload the .xml file. Where do i upload?

    Okay, I figured it all out. Thanks again.

    One last question, in your template, when you go into an actual project and view the project, the description is on the right, and I notice a slideshow of pictures on the left. How do i edit, modify, add to the slideshow for my products?


    you need to follow these steps here: (4.2 How to Create Portfolio Image Slider)


    I tried that many times, but im doing it to existing portfolio items from your template.I wanted to be able to edit them.

    Check to see what i mean. or specifically this link


    you can’t use the existing images into that slider because WordPress does have limitations and cant use existing images to use into a multiple post.. What you need to do is use the shortcode and customize the theme code..