Topic: Quick Install Guide – EngineThemes

  • I would like to have the same web site that appears on your demo page of Arch Theme.

    I followed up the guide file which I found in the downloaded theme zip folder.

    I installed the web page but still some topics I can’t find how to do it.

    Here are the questions:

    1- I see an orange box in demo page, which is showing some project – backrounds. In my wordpress I see a simple blog page on the home page. How can I make it the same look in the original look?

    2- How can I add twitter box out twitter page?

    3- How can I attach the project files so that on projects file, when I clik, I want to see a modal box as it is on the original demo page.

    4- Are there any dumb sql file so that I can Install the same web page you show on the preview section of ARCH. I see an sql file in the downloaded zip file but I dont know how to use it…

    I have the same question about the orange box, I have tried to change in some ways but no success. There is anybody answering the support?