Topic: Properties page show NO properties at all after updating to 2.2.2 | codeex.

  • Hi, after updating wordpress to 4.0 and homeland theme to your last version 2.2.2, properties page it’s not showing any properties of the 50 existing properties.
    Everything worked fine before the update, I used “Properties” template when created the page “Propiedades” at least a month ago, it’s been showing 10 properties per page, with a total of 5 pages until this morning when I updated.

    I created (few minutes ago) a new page to show all the properties (Propiedades 2), I tried every template available for this purpose (properties, properties left sidebar, properties 2 columns, etc.) but it´s not working.

    The url of the website is, the properties url is but you will need username and passw to access. Ask me for the data access if you need to see the website.

    Thank you in advanced for your help.

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