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  • On the home page, the search area seems to be affected by the Homeland theme not just the IDX. 1. I want to make changes because the layout of the search area has changed from what it was before, but I’m having trouble finding where to make changes. Where is this information coming from? 2. I would like all of the criteria areas on the homepage to be on 2 or 3 lines, not spread out as they are now. 3. On the homepage, I don’t want an option for “min sqft” and am willing to loose the “communities” option to make the layout work better. 4. On the homepage, The dropdown menu for city, community, and zip are in san serif. How do I make them EB Garamond, or at least serif face? Also, how do I make the text size smaller? 5. On the homepage, Is it possible to make the min and max price option a slider? 6. On the Search page in the sidebar, I would like the link font color and size for the coverage areas to be different than the link font color and size that is in the footer menu. Can you tell me the css I need to make that change please? 7. I tried to add shortcode for a property list from the MLS data on the home page but it isn’t showing up. I wanted to show the 3 most recent homes to the market in a horizontal layout. Can you please tell me how to do this?

    8. What are homepage 2 and 3 for? Can you show me an example?

Thanks so much!

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