Topic: Multiple errors (403 and 404) – EngineThemes

  • Hi we just recently purchased the Arch theme, good job.

    Unfortunately we encounter a 403 error right after installation, during installing the required plugin which is Typography Shortcodes. After clicking the install button, it returns a 403 error.

    Another error is on the Portfolio page. When we click on one of the project, the Lightbox displayed a 404 error. Strange as the project did exists, as the thumbnail was showing before.

    We thought is was something with the file permission, but when we check the permissions were correct as usual on the server. Regenerating the .htaccess file doesn’t solve it either.

    Then we did an installation on another server where we also uses WordPress and both errors still showed.

    Any idea on how to fix this?


    Still no reply? I paid for this theme, and if this is not working I would like a refund if possible.

    I am having the same problem. Please help!

    Hi steamstudios,

    Since these guys took so long to reply, I found the solution. It’s because of the mod_security installed on the hosting server. Just contact your hosting provider and asked them to put your domain to their whitelist.

    i’ve got the same problem. it just wont upload….

    Unfortunately, once some of the themes sell a certain quantity, the support gets slow and then goes away. I gave up asking for help a while back. Good luck folks.