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  • Hi,

    Would you please help me with some issues I am having at the website? 1- When I upload one photo it doesn’t send , come an error message . When I redone it works, but it sends two photos.

2- When I insert a photo and then try to search at the library it takes 24 hours to appear there. May we fix this problem?

3- I’ve already followed your instructions to have my photos in the right sequence but it is still not working: “I understand your point. You said “you insert it in the right sequence” (I assumed your using the drag and drop feature of WordPress for arranging the images in proper order).. since you’ve done that, you need to change the settings here “Appearance >> Theme Options >> Properties >> Single Post >> Attachment Order and Attachment Sort By” (as I mentioned above).. you need to try it, that should work fine..”

4- And now my major problem is the web site gets too slow. My clients are complaining a lot. The problem is when we open a property, it is taking a long long time. Do you have any idea what is going on? I’ve tried 2 plugins ( w-smush and wp-super cahe) internet speed , image sizes and the domain host were already checked. What else can be causing it? If you can look there:

Thank you very much,


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