Topic: Hide author, agent attribution and images | codeex.

  • 1. Can you tell me specifically how to remove/hide the author on all blog posts? The nickname/”display publicly as” feature for the user is not working so the posts are attributed to their actual (ugly) login username.

    2. Also, I am not seeing how to connect the agent to a particular property. I only have one agent and only four properties but on the agent page and in the footer it says she has zero properties. I’m sure I did something wrong.

    3. Is the beautiful, super wide, edge to edge image on the sample site achieved with the Revolution Slider (which I haven’t had time to do yet)? I couldn’t figure out the image size required to make it so pretty!

    Thanks in advance for your help. Love the theme!

    I posted this question on themeforest … then found this page. Sorry!

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