Topic: Do you have a guide for setup google maps api? | codeex.

  • Hello. I follow the link of documentation but still have problem with google maps in the frontpage and search result.

    do you have a guide for setup google maps api?
    I login in but.. what’s option I must select?

    • Google Maps Android API
    • Google Maps SDK for iOS
    • Google Maps JavaScript API
    • Google Places API for Android
    • Google Places API for iOS
    • Google Maps Roads API
    • Google Static Maps API
    • Google Street View Image API
    • Google Maps Embed API
    • Google Places API Web Service
    • Google Maps Geocoding API
    • Google Maps Directions API
    • Google Maps Distance Matrix API
    • Google Maps Geolocation API
    • Google Maps Elevation API
    • Google Maps Time Zone API

    them.. other option like Aouth domains or something else?

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